Date of birth: 24/09/1977
Place of birth: Gargždai

Graduated from Gargždai 1st Secondary School (now Minija Progymnasium) in 1995.
Acquired bachelor‘s degree in Business Management at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Klaipėda University in 1999.
Later studied at the Law University of Lithuania (now Mykolas Romeris University). There he completed two courses and acquired master‘s degree in Law and Management.

Employment at Klaipėda Drama Theatre:
On 27/08/2015 Tomas Juočys won the public tender organized by the Ministry of Culture for the position of the Manager of Klaipėda Drama Theatre, and started his employment on September 21.
In 2011-2015 worked as the Cultural Projects Manager, managed a project aimed at applying the Theatre building for the needs of cultural tourism, financed by the European Union.
In 2008-2011 worked as the Deputy Manager for General Issues at Klaipėda Drama Theatre.