“The Perfect Match“ (16+) / Šiauliai State Drama Theater / III international theater festival „TheATRIUM“

After E. Ionesco’s play “Frenzy For Two” (translated by K. Gascevičienė)
Directed by: Paulius Ignatavičius
Set and costume designer: Goda Palekaitė
Composer: Dominykas Morkūnas
Light designer: Darius Malinauskas

Gintarė Ramoškaitė, Aidas Matutis, Severinas Norgaila

Performance in Lithuanian with English subtitles.

Duration: 1 h 30 min (without intermission)

Premiere: 2018

The Šiauliai State Drama Theatre is one of the oldest professional theatres in Lithuania, enjoying it’s 89th season. Today the theatre’s repertoire welcomes works of well-known masters of theatre and young creators. The Perfect Match was staged by Paulius Ignatavičius, a well-recognised theatrical director who is also the Artistic Director of the theatre, based on Eugène Ionesco’s play Delirium for Two.

The plot of the play is based on a paradoxical routine situation: in an old furniture-cluttered room, a senior couple is burning time and unexpectedly start an absurd dispute as to whether a snail and a turtle is the same animal. Initially, the conversations and life of the couple resemble a banal, easily recognizable mundane routine. However, gradually all this starts acquiring a deeper and more versatile content that discloses the changeability and irrationality of human relationships sharper than a traditional drama. The Perfect Match is a comedy of life paradoxes intended for everyone who has been in love at least once.

Love to the toothache, up to the moon and back, until the last day, until death separates them.

He is a seducer who once enticed her away from the husband. She is a former coquette who still remembers that after forty years.