Alice Phoebe Lou (Germany) / Opening „TheATRIUM“ concert

Alice Phoebe Lou was born in 1993 in South Africa. She attended piano lessons and learned to play the guitar by herself. In 2010, Alice’s aunt took her on a trip to Europe and showed her Paris, where Alice settled down with her friend. They started performing in a fire dance company in the streets of Paris, earning a living that way. Later she returned to South Africa, graduated from school there and set off again: to Amsterdam and Berlin, where she became a street performer giving concerts at subway stations and parks. She participated in a television programme and started performing more frequently. 2015 marked her first performance in the US: it was the SXSW festival, following the concert, she became a permanent participant of the festival. The Orbit, her first album, was released in 2016. Following the release, she was nominated in the best female vocalists’ category at the German Record Critics’ awards. Alice remains to be an active street performer to this day playing in the parks and streets of Berlin. 2017: her song named She created for the Bombshell: The Hedy Lammar Story movie was nominated for the Oscar in the Best Original Song category. 2018: Alice had concert tours in Europe, the US, South Africa, Japan, and Canada. In March of the current year, Alice Phoebe Lou released a new album Paper Castles.