If the pandemic situation in our country will change and cultural institutions won’t be allowed to welcome visitors or due to personal reasons you won’t be able to visit the theatre, we ensure to pay back the money for the purchased tickets (it is important to apply for the refund not less than 7 days before the event).

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Playwright William Shakespeare

Translation from English Aleksys Churginas
Director Oskaras Koršunovas
Scenography Oskaras Koršunovas, Julija Skuratova
Costume designer Julija Skuratova
Composer Antanas Jasenka
Video designer Artis Dzerve
Choreographer Vesta Grabštaitė
Lighting designer Eugenijus Sabaliauskas
Literature consultant Kasparas Pocius
Director’s assistant Jokūbas Brazys

Oneida Kunsunga-Vildžiūnienė, Digna Kulionytė, Sofija Gedgaudaitė, Karolis Norvilas, Miglė Navasaitytė, Saulius Ambrozaitis, Gerda Čiuraitė, Džiugas Gvozdzinskas, Aurelijus Pocius, Julija Korpačiova, Džiugas Grinys, Domantas Starkauskas

Duration 3 h. 20 min. (with intermission)

Premiere 2020 

“Iago from ‘Othello’ is an influencer of our times. He is beyond the limits of truth and lies. He’s playing with the darkest feelings, deducting our needs and fears as if he were an FB algorithm and when he gropes an Achilles’ heel, he squeezes it so hard that we become the black sheep of his evil intentions by our own will: we fear the war, we hate the other, the neighbor, the stranger and most importantly – we envy. It is the most despicable yet the most effective way of controlling others – by provoking fear and envy.” (Director Oskaras Koršunovas)

© Dmitrij Matvejev