Puppet show for adults

Play and direction by: Yngvild Aspeli
Costume design: Sylvia Denais
Composer: Guro Skumsnes Moe
Lighting design: Xavier Lescat

Viktor Lukawski, Laetitia Labre / Aitor Sanz Juanes, Andreu Martinez Costa

Duration 1 h 10 min (without intermission)

Premiere 2014

Ashes is the collision of two stories. In the south of Norway, a generation apart, in a small village, the story of a young man who sets houses on fire, and the story of a writer who seizes them as a literary material several decades later. Two tortured intimacies. Tragically ordinary beings. Who bend under the onslaught of their demons. Who burn with a secret fire that consumes them.

It is a story of the human condition, a story of the beast lurking in everyone, and with which we agree not to be devoured.