Art Corporation (Belarus)

Performance in Russian with Lithuanian and English subtitles.
Subtitles translated by Marija Kobylskaja

Premiere 15.04.2016

Based on the play by Vitalij Koroliov

Director Alexander Marchenko
Set and costume designer Andrej Žigur
Light artist Nikolay Surkov
Sound Ksenia Korolchuk
Video projection authors Katia Kriuk, Saša Šaporova, Liza Kaševskaja
Cast Juliana Michnevič, Maksim Braginec, Artiom Kuren, Anton Žukov, Ana Semeniako

The Belarusian city of Rahachov is quite close to the border with the Ukraine. The story centres around a Kovalenko family, a mother and two sons. A typical apartment block on Lenin Street and a typical apartment on the third floor. Low wages, rising prices, high costs. In fact, this is normal life in Belarus.

Everything looks very casual and even good: the elder son works and supports the family, the younger son graduates from school and prepares to go to the university in Minsk.
But their lives are dramatically changed when the elder son Kolia is dismissed from work and the family is thrown on the verge of poverty. Meanwhile, just around the corner, a war is happening in the neighbouring country, which is always hungry for those who want to make money.

This is the first and only performance in Belarus for which the funds were raised by the theatre audience on the Internet platform. Opium in 2016 shook the skies of the Belarusian theatre – having defeated much larger and wealthier state theatres, it was recognized as the best performance of the year by the Belarusian theatre critics.