Monologue with videostory

Created, directed and performed by: Janek Turkowski
Set designers: Wiesława Turkowska, Janek Turkowski
Composers: Roger Anklam, Przemek Radar Olszewski
Video projection authors: Margarete Ruhbe, Martyna Głowacka, Adam Ptaszyński, Janek Turkowski

Performance in English with simultaneous translation into Lithuanian.

Duration 55 min. (without intermission)

Premiere 2010

Margarete tells the story of a purchase, inspired by simple curiosity, of a set of 64 film reels which belonged to an unknown person, living in a borderland region of East Germany. The author’s fascination with the aesthetic aspects of images captured on old film and the sentimental journey back to a time of communist scenes led him to convert and reuse these original materials. Thus they became a reflection on the theme of how we register memories and a private investigation into individual identities, in this case of the person who left behind traces of themselves imprinted upon those celluloid reels.

“After about 2,5 minutes this lady, gentleman and the dog disappeared in the grey celluloid fog. And here is the entire purchase…”