Comic strip opera „α” (“Alpha”) / Operomanija / III international theater festival „TheATRIUM“

Stage director, production and costume designer Dr. GoraParasit
Composer Albertas Navickas
Librettist Gabrielė Labanauskaitė
Video artist and stage designer Oskaras Gudas
Illustrator Edvinas Špetas
Sculptor Donatas Repeika
Lighting designer Povilas Laurinaitis
Sound director Ignas Juzokas


Nora Petročenko (mezzo-soprano), Nerijus Masevičius (bass-baritone), Ieva Savickaitė (actress), Pranas Kentra (el. guitar), Agnė Rimgailaitė (accordion), Monika Zenkevičiūtė (live electronics)


Duration: 50 min

Premiere: 2018

‘α’ (‘Alpha’) is a bold story that combines the motives of the tragic fate of Federico Garcia Lorca, a famous Spanish poet and playwright, the personality features of his sister Isabel, a distinctly strong woman, the themes of gender equality and minority policy, as well as the opera and comics.

Isabel, following her return to Spain after many years spent in emigration, aims to solve the mystery surrounding her brother’s destiny. The circumstances of the writer’s death are still vague and the burial site for some time has been thought to be located near the town of Alfacar in Andalusia. However, it is difficult to find out the truth because of the mystery trapped in a spiral of time.

Composer Albertas Navickas: In devising the score for Alpha, I wished to express my admiration for flamenco melodies and repetitive structures of minimalist music. The opera’s rhythmic texture consists of two layers collated by the principle of contrast: the constant, rhythmic pulse versus the ‘hovering’ high-frequency ringing, as if giving voice to the uneasy silence.

Stage director, production and costume designer Dr. GoraParasit: Not only it is an opera – it is a ‘comic-strip opera’ about a female superhero who is fighting both supernatural and earthly demons, about her trials and struggles in the world. To me, Alpha resembles a set of pages – a comic book. Alpha is MEGA-feminine.