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FROM THE LIBRARY OF SOUND EFFECTS / Arturas Brumšteinas, Adas Gecevičius, Mantas Augustaitis (Lithuania)

Place HOFAS, Naujoji Uosto str. 3, Klaipėda
Duration 1 h

Premiere 2021

It is an electrified sound performance presenting a live collage of digitalized pieces of vinyl from the sound effects collection of theatre, film, and radio. The drummers are improvising live using the sound effects of nature’s elements, people, mechanisms, horror, and others, which create a powerfully energizing soundtrack for an imaginary story.

Arturas Brumšteinas – a sound artist creating in the fields of music, fine arts, and theatre.
Adas Gecevičius – a drummer and music producer working with “Sheep Got Waxed” and “Vilniaus energija”.
Mantas Augustaitis – a drummer and music creator working with “Monogram” and Chung Kran.

Free entry.