“Helver’s Night“ (16+) / Klaipėda Youth Theatre / III international theater festival „TheATRIUM“

After I. Villqist’s play “Helver’s Night” (translated by R. Rastauskas)
Directed by: Valentinas Masalskis
Set and costume designer: Paulė Bocullaitė
Composer: Edvinas Vasiljevas
Light designer: Artūras Lepiochinas

Cast: Laima Akstinaitė, Paulius Pinigis

Performance in Lithuanian and English subtitles.

Duration:  1 hour (without intermission)

Premiere: 2018

Carla’s (Laima Akstinaitė) unconditional service to and feelings for Helver (Paulius Pinigis), a ‘different’ person unappreciated by others and living in his fantasy world, have no boundaries. They intertwine and merge into a single unique portrait, featuring a variety of colours and brushstrokes: a motherly care, patient obedience, egoistic indulgence, gentle femininity, chagrin, emerging from the dark shadows of the past, unexpected bursts of desire to control and at all costs to protect Helver from the menacing colours of the world, as well as a bleak but pure hope that she will also be understood and heard.

Will Carla be able to stop the infinite sense of guilt and help Helver in enjoying the inherent right and freedom to be ‘different’?