“The Door“ / Lithuanian National Drama Theatre / III international theater festival „TheATRIUM“

Concept, direction, set design by: Jo Strømgren (Norway)
Designer: Goda Palekaitė
Light designer: Vilius Vilutis

Diana Anevičiūtė, Žygimantė Jakštaitė, Augustė Pociūtė, Rytis Saladžius, Rasa Samuolytė, Mantas Stabačinskas, Ugnė Šiaučiūnaitė, Rimantė Valiukaitė

Duration: 1 h 15 min (without intermission)

Premiere: 2018

The door separates ‘here’ from ‘elsewhere’. There is a very strong belief that something better is always waiting on the other side. This belief makes people move. Somewhere in Europe, in a land divided by borders, languages, religions and geographical barriers, the migration phenomenon has always existed. It is a way to survive and a way to resist, the opportunity to start a life anew, as well as to burn down the bridges and leave everything behind. The Door, based on movement and dance, travels throughout different historical periods and regions to enable us to see the patterns that have always existed, the causes of migration and the changes it undergoes in different nations.

WARNING: Strobe lights are used during the performance. They can cause seizures in people with epilepsy.