Director SiJoong Yoon
Interpreter SungWon Jang
Sound director, operator HaeSoo Jung
Producers, light operators TaeYoung Kwon, ChaeYeon Kim

DongHyun Yoo, DongWoo Kim, SukKyung Mun, SooHyun Lee, MinKyu Shin, EBaDa Oh, WanWoo Oh, EunByul Go, JiWon Yun, KwangSeon Park, JiHye Kim

Performance in Korean with Lithuanian and English subtitles.

Duration 1 h 20 min (without intermission)

Premiere 2018

Taking an actual murder case of Maria (Hong-rye Byun) in 1931 in Busan as the motif, the piece poses a question to human desire and avarice. As a news article aptly described, this incident was “just like a detective novel”, it is depicted in a way that evokes silent film techniques, a widespread form of popular culture from that era. The most authentic form of expression at the time will take different nuances for today’s audience. The play’s fictional aspect is amplified by emphasizing the feel of ‘re-presentation’ appropriately done by the actors.

“Tragedy of those who gave their voice to others and fall of those who have struggled their way up with greedy desires!”