Theatergoers of Klaipėda drama theatre have the option to purchase a limited edition Customer loyalty card.

Owners of this card are the first ones to receive latest news, special promotions offers & get 30% off non-premiere theatre repertoire play tickets and 10% off theatre premiere tickets.

There is a limited amount of cards released

Terms & Conditions

  1. The customer loyalty card provides its owners with a 30% discount on non-premiere theatre repertoire play tickets and a 10% discount on theatre premiere tickets.
  2. The customer loyalty card owner can purchase up to 6 tickets per event (to any non-premiere plays from the theatre’s repertoire, including children’s plays) with a 30% discount, and up to 2 tickets per event to theatre premieres with a 10% discount.
  3. The customer loyalty card can be purchased by natural persons from 18 years of age upon filling out a registration form.
  4. The customer loyalty card can be purchased only at the theatre box-office (Teatro str. 2). The loyalty card costs 5,75 Eur (5 Eur card fee, 0,75 Eur “Tiketa” handling fee).
  5. The customer loyalty card discount applies to tickets purchased online via (you will have to enter a unique 6 digit code in the applicable field) and to tickets purchased at the theatre box-office (Teatro str. 2), upon presenting the loyalty card before making your purchase.
  6. Damaged or lost loyalty cards can be replaced for 5,75 Eur (5 Eur card fee, 0,75 Eur “Tiketa” handling fee).
  7. The customer loyalty card is valid until 2020 12 31.
  8. The customer loyalty card discounts do not apply to Klaipėda drama theatre gift cards.
  9. The customer loyalty card cannot be purchased using gift cards.
  10. The customer loyalty card discounts are not added up with other theatre discounts.
  11. The customer loyalty card discounts do not apply to touring theatre events & other guest events at Klaipėda drama theatre.
  12. The theatre holds the right to changing the rules of the customer loyalty card upon informing card owners via provided means of contact, as well as online at no later than 30 days in advance.
  13. The theatre holds the right to changing the repertoire.
  14. The theatre commits to providing the established discounts until the expiration date of  the customer loyalty card.
  15. The customer loyalty card owner’s data is strictly confidential and will not be made upblic or shared with third parties. The personal data will be used only for marketing purposes of Klaipėda drama theatre.
  16. By filling out the registration form the customer agrees to receiving Klaipėda drama theatre newsletters and special offers & agrees to the terms & conditions of the customer loyalty card use.

For any further questions regarding the customer loyalty card please contact our Marketing department on 8 46 498730 or via mobile on +370 646 15450, +370 659 91773.