Date of birth: 26/9/1964
Place of birth: Vilnius

Graduated from the Lithuanian State Conservatoire in 1988

Marijampolė Drama Theatre actor from 1988 to 1990
Klaipėda Drama Theatre actor since 1990

Significant roles in Klaipėda Drama Theatre:
2019 – Creon. J. Anouilh „Antigone“ („Antigonė“), dir. M. Ķimele
2018 – Mother Courage. „Mother Courage“ („Mama Drąsa“) by B. Brecht. Director E. Senkovs
2018 – Bell Ringer Karvelis. S. Šaltenis „Sons of a Bitch“ („Kalės vaikai“), dir. E. Nekrošius
2016 – Beekeeper. “Outsiders Not Allowed“ (“Pašaliniams draudžiama“) by G. Grajauskas. Director O. Koršunovas
2016 – Captain. “The Father” (“Tėvas”) by A. Strindberg. Director M. Kimelė
2007 – Cezar. “Road to Damascus” (“Kelias į Damaską“) by A. Strindberg. Director O. Koršunovas
2006 – Edgar. “King Lear“ by William Shakespeare. Director A. Latėnas
2004 – Hening. “Šaltas vaikas” (“The Cold Child”) M. von Mayenburg. Director O. Koršunovas
2004 – Kajuga. “Reserve” (“Rezervatas”) by G. Grajauskas. Director A. Giniotis
2003 – Protagonist, Vaita.“Frank Kruk” by S. Parulskis. Director R. Banionis
2001 – Impresario. “George Dandin, arba sugėdintas vyras” (“George Dandin, or the Abashed Husband“) by Molière. Director A. Giniotis
2001 – Matti. “Mr Puntila and his Man Matti” (“Ponas Puntila ir jo tarnas Matis“) by B. Brecht. Director A. Pociūnas
1997 – Benedick. “Much Ado about Nothing” (“Daug triukšmo dėl nieko“) by William Shakespeare. Director P. Gaidys
1994 – Harry. “The Time of Your Life” (“Geriausias gyvenimo laikas“) by W. Saroyan. Director R. Kudzmanaitė
1994 – Ruprecht.“ The Broken Jug” (“Sukultas ąsotis“) by H. Kleist. Director P. Gaidys
1993 – Jasonas. “Jasonas” by S. Šaltenis. Director A. Latėnas

Roles in other theatres:
2010 – The Baron. “The Lower Depths” (“Dugne”) by M. Gorky. Director O. Koršunovas (OKT/Vilnius City Theatre)
2008 – Hamlet. “Hamlet” (“Hamletas”) by William Shakespeare. Director O. Koršunovas (OKT/Vilnius City Theatre)
2007 – Cole Porter. “Kiss Me, Kate” (“Bučiuok mane, Keit”) by C. Porter. Director A. Giniotis (Kaunas State Musical Theatre)
2005 – Cave Man. “Cave Man” (“Urvinis žmogus“) by R. Becker. Director D. Kazlauskas (Idioteatras)
2004 – Emcee. “Cabaret” by J. Kander, F. Ebb, J. Masteroff. Director A. Giniotis (Kaunas State Musical Theatre)
2002 – Špylmanas. ”Comic, or the Man with the Iron Cover” (“Komiksas, arba Žmogus su geležiniu dangčiu”) by G. Grajauskas. Director A. Vizgirda (Klaipėda Castle Theatre)

Roles in cinema and television:
2008 – “Women Lie Better” (“Moterys meluoja geriau”). Director J. Krisiūnas. “Videometra”
2006 – Ertgenas. “Vilnius Getho” (“Vilniaus getas”) Director A. Juzėnas. Lithuanian Film Studios
2005 – Employee. “Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II“ (“Nebijok: Popiežiaus Jono Pauliaus II gyvenimas”). Director J. Bleckner. “Five Mile River Films”
2004 – “All Alone” (“Vienui vieni”) (Jonas Deksnys). Director J. Vaitkus
2003 – “Lithuanian Transit” (“Lietuviškas tranzitas”). Director E. Kubilius. Film studio “Dom-film”
1993 – “And He Told You Goodbye” (“Ir jis pasakė jums sudie”). Director A. Šiuša. Lithuanian Film Studios

In 2018 – awarded the National Prize for Culture and Art for the harmony of improvisation and psychological accuracy.
In 2017 – was elected Klaipeda Culture Master
In 2017 – awarded the “Thanksgiving Mask” in the “Actor of the Year” category for the role of Admiral Adolf in the performance “Father” and in the performance “Outlaws for outsiders” for the role of Beekeeper.
In 2017 – awarded “Golden Stage Cross” in the category “Actor of the Year” for the role of Adolf Admiral in the performance “The Father”.
Won in the Best Actor category for the role of the Captain in the play “The Father” (director M. Kimele) in Varėna D. Tamulevičiūtė Professional Theatre Festival.

Other activity:
Former lecturer at Klaipėda University; currently teaches at Lithuanian Academy of Music And Theatre

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