Parents Meeting

Open Space (Georgia)

Performance in Georgian language with Lithuanian and English subtitles.
Subtitles translated by Marija Kobylskaja

Premiere 04.10.2017

Directors: Mikheil Charkviani, Davit Khorbaladze
Scenography Ana Gurgenidze
Music composer Davit Khorbaladze
Cast: Mikheil Abramishvili, Nata Bichikashvili, Erekle Getsadze, Nutsa Guchashvili, Gvantsa Enukidze, Nina Lashvili, Lasha-Giorgi Lashkhi, Teona Lezhava, Anano Makharadze, Temo Rekhviashvili, Gigi Rekhviashvili, Irakli Kakabadze, Irakli Sirbilashvili, Mariam Shalikashvili, Tamara Chumashvili, Bichka Cheishvili

This Georgian theatre is not yet known to Lithuanian audiences but is duly considered as the most modern theatre in Georgia, standing out by innovative creative ideas.
Parents Meeting is a documentary performance based on real interviews with young parents and passages from the novel Tragedy Without Hero by Georgian literary classic Niko Lortkipanidze.

What does it mean to be a parent? How can our lives change, what is required by space, full of gender stereotypes, and how does this space tries to alter our natural ambitions? What we have to give up when we let the world restrict our desires to meet existing standards. The Parents Meeting is specifically the study of these issues.