Festival opening concert


Performers/artists: Petra Magoni (vocals), Ferruccio Spinetti (double bass)

This is an unusual duo, founded in 2003, becoming famous within a record-short time, known all over the world, but performing in Lithuania for the first time.

Musica Nuda (Eng. “Naked Music”) – this name is well known to all the world’s audio fans, who have heard something about the legendary Blue Note music record label: Musica Nuda has been collaborating with them since 2008. They recorded their first album in 2003, and from that day on began their grand global tour, never ending up until now. They perform on the most prestigious stages in the world (including the Paris Olympics Theatre, the San Carlos Theatre in Naples), festivals (Pinos Baush Dance Festival in Vupertal), and their geography of tours is so wide you cannot even list it: Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Tunisia, USA, China, Ecuador, Israel… Musica Nuda holds 150 concerts during the year – and even trendy pop groups may be envious of such popularity.

In 15 years, Petra and Ferruccio have released eight studio albums, two live music albums and a DVD album.

Two years after their last album, the duo returns to the international stage with a new project that consolidates their successful 15 years career. This year Musica Nuda released their latest album for audio fans – Leggera (Fonè records).