Dance and music performance

Director and choreographer: Serge Aimé Coulibaly
Composer: Rokia Traoré
Libretto by: Felwine Sarr
Dramaturgy: Sara Vanderieck
Set design: Catherine Cosme
Costume design: Salah Barka
Lighting design: Nathalie Perrier
Video projection author: Eve Martin

Producers Faso Danse Théâtre & Ruhrtriennale

Marion Alzieu, Ida Faho, Jean‐Robert Koudogbo Kiki, Antonia Naouele, Adonis Nebie, Daisy Phillips / Giulia Cenni, Issa Sanou, Sayouba Sigué, Ahmed Soura

Aly Keita / Youssouf Keita (balafon), Saidou Ilboudo (percussion), Mohamed Kanté (bass guitar), Yohann Le Ferrand (guitar)

Naba Aminata Traoré, Marie Virginie Dembélé

Performance in French with Lithuanian and English subtitles.

Duration 1 h 30 min (without intermission)

Premiere 2018

Using inspiration from his own African background and his reflections on today’s world, Serge Aimé Coulibaly created Kirina, a narrative about his contemporary and globalized daily reality. Kirina is not the reenactment of a historic event from West-African History. The original epic only served as an inspiration during the creation, as did many other epic stories and real contemporary events. Kirina is not a performance by African artists about Africa. It is a performance by world citizens – a choreographer with and an artistic team of members both with and without African roots – and inspired by their actual globalized reality. Derived from these inspirations, Coulibaly created a performance about people on the move, the events that color and possibly direct these migrations and their influences on society.